Jonathan Rascher’s NCC homepage

There are many like it, but this one is mine.


Hi! I’m Jonathan Rascher, a 20-year-old male human who’s currently studying for his undergraduate degree at North Central College in Naperville, IL. I plan to graduate in June 2012 with a double major: a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics. I’m interested in theoretical computer science, functional programming, and OS development—although I don’t yet know that much about these things.


I was born in Palos Hills, IL, but my family moved to Kentucky not long after that. A few years later we moved to Chicago, and then to the suburbs, finally settling in Bartlett. I currently commute to school from my house there, where my parents own a pet turkey. (Yeah, seriously.)


I enjoy lame puns, bluegrass and alternative music, computers, llamas, and Mountain Dew. I dislike icy driveways, buggy software, spammers, and people who double park. I love the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien and the television show Lost (though I’ve yet to watch the final season). This site will contain some of my school-related rantings and ravings.


As part of my homework for Prof. Steve Macek’s Introduction to New Media course, I have to publish a Web site on the school’s student hosting space and upload my completed writing assignments on the “new media.” This is that Web site. It’s nice to be writing HTML again, but I hadn’t realized how much I had forgotten about CSS. :)

What else?

As you can see, this site is rather sparsely populated. Perhaps there will be more information here in the future, but probably not. You might want to check out my “real” Web site & blog, or my Facebook and Twitter profiles for some additional stuff pertaining to my life.